Jul 12, 2005

Catemaco Expoferia

wonderful idea --- horse races, cattle shows, national entertainment in Catemaco, etc.

So they borrow umpteen hectares from the richest man in Los Tuxtlas, spent a small fortune trying to turn it into a fairground on a few weeks notice, fly giant banner ads on the wrong side of the Tuxtlas highway, and in general ignore anything ever said about business management.

So now the taxidrivers, the potential exhibitors and anyone else with a grudge in Catemaco are trashing the ayuntamiento.

Serves them well.

Jul 1, 2005


I added this post in 2011 to provide continuity.

This blog began as  Google News group, then switched to a Wordpress blog within tuxtlas.com, and now is a Google blog which was renamed in 2010 and lost most of its readers.

Previous posts have been eliminated.