Nov 26, 2008

Catemaco Toilet Training

After living in Catemaco more than 6 years, and several houses later, my Popoluca finally put her foot down and demanded I abide by the toilet customs of Catemaco and most other provincial burgs in Mexico.

Namely, I now wipe my behind with tissue in my right hand, then bring the tissue into vision and carefully, with both hands, fold the brown missile and dump it into a container on the side of the toilet.

This supposedly will stop my plumber from making his frequent visits to clean out our sewage pipes. This plumber, whom I have affectionately renamed Don Fuga (Mr. Leak) claims that pipe cleaning is the source for his fortune which now includes a motor bike.

Most local houses have at least one, and usually more concrete clean out stations, and the game usually is to find out which one is stuffed.

Surprisingly it seems most Mexicans understand that when a large container sits along a toilet, it is the equivalent of a "NO FLUSH THE PAPER" command, and an acknowledgement of the shortcomings of the local septic system.

Not surprisingly, this pinche foreigner does not understand why after happily flushing for 6 years in other parts of Mexico, he has to learn new tricks.

Nov 13, 2008

Catemaco medicinal plants

Ending yesterday, a Veracruz educational agency offered a course in beautiful downtown Catemaco about medicinal plants, possibly sponsored by the local governor as his response to the local witches (brujos) endorsement of his candidacy for the next presidential race.

My Popoluca, whose father was a known minor brujo, decided to attend. As her homework or perhaps thesis, she was obliged to portray some local medicinal plants.

To my absolute surprise, within half a day, our house began filling with samples of local vegetation supposedly having curing effects. I lost count after 50 and escaped to Veracruz City to avoid to be possibly being used as a guinea pig.

The still remaining knowledge and use of plant lore is simply amazing to me in this small town known for witchcraft and assorted other esoteric endeavors. But now I am looking at my Popoluca bruja as a possible source for a hair loss remedy. Yet I am hesitant, she might turn me into a toad.

Photo: One of many displays of the local medicinal flora.

Nov 12, 2008

Catemaco machetes

+`l`´This one really got me.

Here I am in beautiful downtown Catemaco and almost no week passes by without the machete slashing  of  someone in Los Tuxtlas. The majority of these machete slashed victims are women. This is not a serial killer at work, just the usual macho at work.
In the last few weeks,  many women of LosTuxtlas got what they deserved. AT least in the minds of associated psychopath machos of the area. Usually these crimes are directly attributable to family members, usually supposedly cuckolded husbands.

How the hell does this area pretend to protect its environment if they can´t even protect its women.

Nov 7, 2008

OT - Mexican Fence

Mexico City, MX – Mexican lawmakers today proposed a 700 mile border fence to keep Americans from illegally entering the country. Recent economic conditions in the US have sent tens of thousands of Americans over the border seeking employment.
Read more: The Edwards Report

Nov 6, 2008

Off Topic - plane crash in Mexico City

A Learjet 45XR crashed onto the upper parts of Mexico City's Reforma, missing the presidential palace by less than 2 miles. Passengers included the equivalent of the Mexican vice president and drug tzar.

I have watched and followed assorted plane crashes and am absolutely dumbfounded by the lack and conflict of information being published on the internet.

First they get the type of aircraft wrong, 25D instead of XR. Then they retract a flight controllers statement, Then they ignore bystanders reports of flames from the plane before it crashed. Then they ignore its flight pass and altitude, etc.

Either Mexican newsmen are ignorant or lazy. Within 24 hours I should know what exactly was the aircraft, what is its history,  where was it last maintained , and specifically what SHOULD have been its flightpath over Mexico City..

Instead I am reading verbose repetitive bullshit without an ounce of investigative journalism promoted by Mexican news agencies. And to add insult to injury, every twinkling left winger or former PEJE (last presidential candidate)  supporter is now waiving internet flags of murder in high places.

A few fact checks revealed the plane as of 2002 was in the hands of a Baja Mexico consortium. As of 2007 the plane was not registered on the Mexican presidential books.

But to me the most possible lead in ascertaining the reasons for its crash are in the plane's call letters XC - VCM (equivalent to a license plate):
XC  are the  call letters for Mexico
VCM  are the call letter assignation for individual planes in Mexico, translated a: victor-charly-mike.
XC in Mexican flyer's languages is translated as: eXtra coca. And Coca is not the nose sprudel Coca Cola produces.

Of course the Mexican government will do its utmost to reveal the reasons for this particular plane crash, probably in line with the last 2 crashes which killed major Mexican officials without revealing their causes.

At present , the 2 black(one orange) boxes are in US hands. No matter what will be revealed, I am sure  the devil USA in one way or another will be responsible in the forthcoming  liturgy of PEJE and his press.