Feb 1, 2013

January 2013 - Catemaco

On a scale of 1 to 12 months, I give January in Catemaco a 10 for visiting and a 6 for living here.

Lots of tourists showed up the first week of January and then went into hibernation.

Nothing exciting. The newest Del Cid Hotel has added a restaurant on its ground floor, and the Casa Rosa has a new website.

The winter storms, as usual, are nibbling on the beaches. But don´t worry, the sand returns by summer.
The crashing waves made for great beach walks, on the few days that were nice and sunny this month.

The enjoyable musical presentations on Saturday night in the central park seem to be occurring less and less- And that is a shame!.

Typical yo-yo weather, from freezing (68f today) to sweating (88f tomorrrow).
January at times gets pretty foggy in the mornings

The recently opened mega stores are flourishing with employees. Customers seem to be a rarity. In the US, by now, I think they would have "going out of business signs".

Several new or new owner taco stores have opened. I am sure that will make someone happy.
"Tampiqueña" at La Casita

Basically only the drunks in the Zona Rosa (by the boat docks) are holding their own.

Nothing exciting, unless you want to read about a young women slicing up her lover.

Hot Hot - a dozen pretenders that want to be future millionaires and live in Xalapa are now cluttering the local press, juggling for the July7 elections.
Dozens of political signs messing up the neighborhoods

Good time to be in Catemaco, if you can stand the coldest month of the year, average 68.9f. (Unfortunately I am hot blooded and become lethargic.)
Yes, you can get your hat polished in Catemaco