Feb 28, 2013

February 2013 - Catemaco

I had some negative feedback on my best months to visit and best months to live in Catemaco.
Frankly I put a lot of time into this and it is damn difficult to rate 12 months. Of course there are other perceptions.
If you like beaches, August is number one to visit. If  you live here, the month rates 8 because there are more visitors than beach, etc.

I live here year round except for my frequent escapes to other places. Would I recommend to live in Catemaco? Only for a chosen few! Would I recommend to visit here? DAMN YES, 12 months of the year, but as I am saying, some months are better than others.

A long weekend brought some relief from the doldrums, with the usual Mexican tourbuses and sprinkles of backpackers and foreigners.


I noticed nothing new, except for some discount offers.


This was one of the few times that I didn´t make it to the beach. I hear I did not miss anything. And the road still sucks.


A few parades, a huge funeral. That's it.
Today, Feb 28 begins the first Friday in March (Brujos) celebration and I'll save it for next month.


I hate February. Frequently it is too cold for my taste, too many days are overcast with almost no rain, then a southwind whips through and shakes up every dust particle.  


A small grocery chain is rasing walls behind my house. I keep scratching my head about where their business will come from.


Prashanti (of the hotel and beach resort clan) opened a primitive garden restaurant next to the monster by the ADO bus station. Maybe I'll drop in when I actually see someone eat there.
The small restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Berthangel has new owners and it is a nice place to people watch the laza in front of the basilica.


Looks like BossaNova (by the kayak place) will reopen.
Rumor has it the Italians of La Osteria fame, will try again with a bar/restaurant atop the TEXX store (the old El Pescador).


I know everyone is eagerly awaiting a body count, but no, nothing of significance happened, as usual, except some jerk stole my garbage can.


Elections are in July and the dozen wannabees are making so much noise in the press that it is hard to find nuggets of good news.
The mayor of Catemaco died. That came as a shock, being barely 40 years old. He was a good guy and bought a house from us. He'll be remembered by the locals for the new pier, and by me for trying to get the sewage problem fixed.

My favorite local photographer did it again and issued part two of his Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas videos