Sep 7, 2013

Catemaco Deads Update

edited 21 march 2014

Catemaco News is dead. I stopped publishing.
Catemaco Notes on Facebook is dead. I stopped publishing.

The major reason is that I am bored with talking to mostly myself, and having to suffer too many fools and wannabees.

I'll be keeping Facebook's Catemaco Noticias and its 4900 adherents open, in case I need them.

The real Internet:
The site stays open, but I am about 2-3 years behind in both updating information and correcting software errors. The English section of the site still get about 5000 hits per month, but mostly on obtuse subjects.

Eleven years ago, I thought Catemaco had a future for foreign tourists and residents. I was  wrong!

Anything you need to know about Los Tuxtlas, still shows up on the sidebar and its links of this blog.

Adios, Que te vaya bién!