Mar 31, 2009

Catemaco neighbor

Catemaco is actually a suburb of the neigh-boring city of San Andres Tuxtla. Much of the Catemaco countryside and many of its major businesses are owned by people from San Andres.

There is an unsubstantiated but plausible rumor that the power structure in that city actively discourages development of Catemaco. That becomes apparent to any Catemaco resident who has to make the 1/2 hour trek to the no parking zone of San Andres for anything beyond minimum subsistence needs, whether it is food, healthcare or banking.

Take a better look at that envious neighbor:

Mar 17, 2009

Laguna Sontecomapan

The freshwater lagoon of Sontecomapan is a hidden paradise half an hour away from beautiful downtown Catemaco. It deserves its own internet page. And here it is:
More to see: Laguna Sontecomapan

Mar 7, 2009

Mayas to the Rescue

The main despoilation of walkways in Catemaco is bird droppings. Chewing gum platelets are the second most common blemishes. Both are horrendous to clean up.

So now come the originators of chewing gum to the rescue: 
"A cooperative of over 50 Mayan communities in Mexico´s Yucatán Peninsula, where Sapodilla trees have been tapped for their sticky latex since before the Spanish conquest, will start selling biodegradable chewing gum in British stores this month.

Unlike common chewing gum made of synthetic rubber, which can take years to break down, the cooperative´s "Chicza" brand is made from chicle, a natural substance that degrades quickly, ... the cooperative´s director, told Reuters.

"Chewing gum made from synthetic polymers sticks easily to asphalt because both contain similar polymers".

I will be investigating if the local Popolucas have a recipe for easily removing bird shit.  At present, my own Popoluca is threatening to exterminate the darling birds, at least from in front of our house, in beautiful downtown Catemaco..

Source: The News - which does NOT retain its news items.

Mar 1, 2009

Offroad Catemaco

68 adventurous souls rode off to conquer the roadless  beaches, hills and valleys of the northern Tuxtlas from Coatzacoalcos to Catemaco. The weather is so bad, I wouldn't let my proverbial dog out. Let's see how many actually make it in this 10th annual event.