May 9, 2012

World’s Largest Tegogolo Cocktail

republished from july 27, 2006
Sitting here in beautiful soaked downtown Catemaco I am thinking of what could make Catemaco more famous.

The World´s largest Tegogolo Cocktail, better known as THE WORLD’S LARGEST FRESH WATER SNAIL COCKTAIL.

Judging by the Guinness Book of Records, at present there are absolutely no entries in that category.

So, we would not want to insult them by serving one of those miniature cups served on the Malecon. Instead, we could use theabondoned garbage dump on the Coatzacoalcos entrance to Catemaco.

The surroundings could be cleaned up, the circular repositary could be filled with a plastic liner from Lopez Miranda, and the Maxacapan crowd could be urged to provide Tegogolos at wholesale prices. Around 200 kilos should do (maybe 450 pounds). Since tegogolos are supposed to be aphrodisacs, that quantity is just enough to give an erection to the state of Veracruz.

500 US dollars publicity via REUTERS or YAHOO would possibly attract thousands of erection seekers to Catemaco.

Hotels and the carretera whore houses would flourish. Brujos would flinch because they never promoted the substance.

And hopefully, all those tegogolos would have gotten big and fat after eating all the effluent discharging from the Catemaco sewer lines which at present lead directly into Laguna Catemaco.

Reference: How do I become a Guiness world record holder?