May 31, 2007

Mexico Shut Up

The only English News source in Mexico is discontinued.
Who needs multiculturalism anyway?

May 27, 2007

Catemaco Clean Living

When I first arrived in Catemaco, I spent several weeks trying to locate a washing machine service for my clothes. The thought of having my 30 dollar shirts rubbed between 2 stones in a contaminated lagoon simply did not feel good to my inner skin.
Shortly thereafter I found a human washing machine, who began using my personal waters and rocks to wash my clothes and who was considerably less expensive than the mechanical provider.
More shortly thereafter I splurged and bought one of those single tub electronic washer/dryer combinations for a mega amount of pesos, as my contribution to the Mexican ecology and the profit line of Walmart.
My human washing machine fell in love with the electronic monster and forfeited her cleaning time to watching the spin cycle. -- So I fired her.
The next 2 human attendants never did discover the vagaries of a proper wash and also went on their way. I now have an apparent graduate of a Mexican Technological Institute manning (womening) my machine and am living happily clean for the moment.
Meanwhile, a recent extended walk around beautiful downtown Catemaco exposed eight (8) new machine based lavanderias (laundries), ranging from 2 to 6 machines. And, would you believe it?, there is a dry cleaner only 30 minutes away.

May 25, 2007

Boas on the rocks

Those wonderful folks at DEMATAC have done it again.

Intent on protecting the wilds and wildlife of Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas, they have managed to add a thrill for those exuberating over dangling off a 180 foot cliff above the yawning gulf waters in front of a pirate cave.

DEMATAC decided to release a few boa constrictors in the area to entertain the rappellers.
Now can you imagine dangling off that rope with a boa staring down at you?

Shades of Anaconda!
Just another foible from beautiful downtown Catemaco, just a short drive away from Roca Partida, rappelling headquarters of Los Tuxtlas.