May 21, 2008

Catemaco Ramblings

Do they eat dogs in veracruz?
Dog slaughterer reveals taco secrets in a Google translation

Defaunation of Los Tuxtlas? Ever heard that word?
Former head of Los Tuxtlas research station laments the killing of wildlife

9 meter human skeleton found in Los Tuxtlas.
The story was published in the local Periodico de Hueyapan.
Hunters found the bones about 20 miles south of Catemaco and local Popoluca Indians claim they belong to the legendary "Ata-nike-kulkuwati", a fearsome creature prowling the Los Tuxtlas mountains for womanizers and their distinct smell. The 9 meters is probably the result of yokels using an American tape measure marked in feet instead of meters.

Still stuck on 17 Olmec heads! Latest counterfeit head sold for millions
Google Translation of l Universal article

Do you need a Mexican friend?
A nutty blogger from San Miguel Allende takes a closer look


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