Aug 27, 2010

Catemaco 1,2,3

Because at present I have nothing better to do in beautiful downtown Catemaco aside from watching mold grow between my toes because of the persistance of an extraordinarily wet rainy season, I analyzed yesterday's visitor data to the pages, which was significant, because the number of page hits was one of the lower ones that I have recorded all year.

Alltogether 2495 pages were read by by 724 visitors, 94 of whom had previously read the pages.
The average page hits are more than 3700 per day, which does not include my YouTube videos, Picasa photos, ramblings on Facebook, or spouts on Twitter.

Google provided the totally overwhelming number of visitors, almost blanking out Yahoo and Bing. All of those search engines rank as their number 1 or 2, when searching for Catemaco.

My current CIA report for the pages is divided into 9 sections:

The home page of garnerned 228 pages of which 22% were English readers.

The Tourism section counted 453 clicks.
The Brujos pages accounted for 303.
Articles were read by 368.
184 visited the Gallery,
but only 109 were interested in Information.

The non-touristic section of Catemaco had 297 clicks,
Los Tuxtlas had 277,
and the Sitemap was read by 21.

A few hundred pages are not itemized in the above count because I track them individually, such as my Popoluca's Bienes Raices, visitors harvesting the Deforestation of Los Tuxtlas, Defendors of the Tuxtlas environment  and other weird stuff.

News, Noticias and the Catemaco Diaro were only read by 108 vistors, which is misleading  because of the recent change of internet addresses which killed all the links. Usually the pages rate about 500 reads.

The single most popular pages, as usual, were the  Brujos index page, followed by the home page and the description of the Eypantla waterfall.

The Gallery now shows a major drop, probably because its pages now includes links to about 50 Picasa photo albums which are not included in the counters.

Curiously, most of the in depth pages, such as references and other esoteric details, show a majority of English readers. And of the Spanish readers almost 20% still use the antiquated version of the 6.0 Microsoft browser.

Despite annoying reader emails that disparage my comments in Don Gringo Notas about the neighboring much larger county of San Andrés Tuxtla (ranked third on Google) which primarily sends its juniors to get drunk on the Catemaco Malecón, and generally controls most of the Catemaco financial affairs, more than 300 visitors clicked on the good things I have to say about that county. They should give me a medal, or a free pass from the next elected mayor who also owns the beer distributorship.

Abbreviated public data for a few of these statistics is available on Statcounter.


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