Jan 2, 2012


I have been using the software of  Yahoo Sitebuilder to program the website of catemaco.info since 2005. 

Unannounced, four days ago, Yahoo changed its limits on my web hosting plan, and I was unable to upload changes because of a supposed lack of storage capacity. I upgraded to their unlimited plan and since then I have spent about 18 hours on the phone with tech reps in India trying to upload changes to my site.

Incredibly, that bunch of incompetents now advises me that the only solution to my problem is to restructure my 700 pages and reload them.

Instead I will switch to Dreamweaver, Coffee Cup, or maybe Wordpress to redesign my website which took me 6 years to build.

So for the next year, expect www.catemaco.info to be a mess while this old dog learns a few new tricks.

Meanwhile here is my heartfelt message to the powers that be: