Nov 7, 2012

October 2012, Catemaco

The rains that were promised during the previous months of the "rainy season" finally hit!
But surprisingly, almost no obstruction in coming or leaving Los Tuxtlas.

The new Soriana is almost ready to open, give them another 30 days!
Meanwhile, supposedly CONTINO, a hardware dealer is supposed to occupy the space behind Bancomer on the plaza.

Day of the Dead festivities ran their course, as usual. and the local mayor tried to turn it into a mega event. He flunked, I think,  despite some nice presentations! I think local yokels are switching their kids to Halloween. Bad news, I guess, for pure-ists.

The construction mania in Catemaco continues. Within a month I expect a SORIANA subsidiary to open along the carretera and eat the local Walmart's shorts. (o goody, their ice cream section sucks, both here and in San Andrés).

The new Coppel, on the side of the municipal "palace" is going gung ho at American speed. I expect it to be open for all the impoverished local Christmas shoppers, eager to receive credit cards with up to 55% interests.

The famous Caballo, formerly on the edge of the basilica, now in a rat hole on the edge of the Laguna, is again being threatened by EVICTION. I hope he finds another locale, better than the great gringo doc Ganzoni who left for greener pastures in Tulum, QR.

After 7 days of almost being a model city, because the local mayor tried to impress some friends, the city reverted to the usual. But, it strikes me a little cleaner, less cluttered than usual.. I know that it will not last.

Catemaco no longer is a one traffic light hick town. Now we have four hicks, three of them evenly spaced to make crossing Catemaco a 15 minute experience. Take photos  of some of the side street vendors. They will be remarkable!

The new TEXX (imitation 7-11) is now operating at full speed on the Malecon at 14 of 24 hours, except weekends. (Incompetent assholes).

There is no food news, except the Fool on the Hill keeps bragging about better than prime, rib eye steaks being delivered in Catemaco and disappeared faster than I wrote this from Casa Lost.

Did I miss something?
Oh yeah, the mystery building on the highway is still a mystery. Looks like a shack being converted into a mansion with a few store fronts in front. O yeah, a new hardware store with probably less than what you were looking for, is opening on the carretera.near the Tepetapan turn off.

And yes, they tore down half a block of historic Catemaco behind my home, planning to erect a Tienda Lores, the equivalent of Mexico's Gap for extremely low income earners.

After a few weeks of permanent rain, the weather today is magnificent!  A little chill, almost 79 degrees, but very welcome.

We are now in the absolutely dead touristic season in Catemaco. What a great time to visit!