Jan 10, 2009

Catemaco Visa

In November I tried to renew my FM3 visa to remain in beautiful downtown Catemaco. NO LUCK . Apparently my last visa had already stayed here for 5 years, and I needed an entirely new visa.  So, what the hell I said , sign me up for an FM2 visa.

The only major difference between the two visas  is that the FM2 costs twice as much, but counts towards the 5 years you need to become eligible to become an "imigrado" which has no yearly fees or need to yearly visit the Mexican immigration office and really no other civil rights.

I applied for that visa middle November. Middle of December I called to find out my status and was informed to call back after Jan 6. Then it took me only three hard days to get through on the phone to be advised that I AM APPROVED. HuRRAH!

Since I am not planning to go anywhere out of state,  next week or next month I will be rushing to pick up my new visa.

Meanwhile the monolingual Nazi bigot of Catemaco who paid to buy a Mexican passport is probably gloating about my two annual trips to Veracruz City to renew my visa. (One day to apply, one day to pick it up, 16 hours  roundtrip, unless I am driving to buy life support bagels, then it is 24 hours).

I was a resident green card (immigration visa) holder in the US for many years, and I loved the absolute necessity to mail in my address once a year, and never pay a dime, except the postage stamp. I guess Mexico needs my yearly 2500 pesos,  my support of its bus system, and the wages for its turtle bureaucrats. 

I am considering to be an illegal immigrant, because, frankly, in my 6 years in Catemaco and throughout Mexico, the only person who ever asked me for my visa was a bank officer when successfully trying to open a checking  account. Or, perhaps, I might become a multilingual local Bigot and buy myself a Mexican passport.


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