Jan 21, 2009

Catemaco Vocabulary

Beautiful downtown Catemaco is really a wonderful place to learn the kind of Spanish you never find in phrase books.

Had any Huichies lately (fried potatoes, eggs, "with cheese")? Naranjas (oranges)? Actually that means "No".
A maybe they were served by a tortillera (tortilla maker), a slang term for lebian. Meanwhile when you need to transact official business, you will be hampered by paracaidistas (parachutists) who only drop in to pick up their paycheck but don't actually do any work.  Or maybe you want to give someone a raite (ride) in your pikap (pickup) to see some narcomantas (drug lord's banners hanging over too many mexican highways).

Maybe I'm being too much of a tijera (scissors), "critic ". ¡Sepa la bola!: (I don´t know) instead of "No sé".


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