Apr 1, 2009

7 year itch

How many years does it take to chuck up on Mexico and look for greener pastures?

Judging my unscientific cursory readings of blogs published by gringos moving to Mexico, the 7 year itch usually occurs within 2 years. The ones that hang on longer barely make it to the 7 year mark, and the devoted, or perhaps "hard core" crowd keeps lasting longer, usually till death do them part.

Personally I'm stuck because a Popoluca caught me. Anyone else who has not sunk roots in Mexican culture needs to be pitied for sustaining his stay beyond the first 7 years.

By then, if they are at all financially active, they will have become used to the extraordinary corruptness of the Mexican judiciary, police forces, the day to day  government involvement, and the ridiculously nonchalant attitude of inhabitants towards their institutions.


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