May 6, 2009

Catemaco Tegogolos 2

While the secretary of tourism and the mayor of Catemaco are looking for another way to fill their pockets with selling beer to Catemaqueños who mostly live on less than 2 minimum wages, there is a fabulous opportunity:

The largest snail cocktail in the world!
attempt at the Guiness world record book.

Catemaco is famous for "tegogolos", a shelled fresh water snail endemic to Laguna Catemaco. These snails have a reputation in Mexico as an aphrodisiac and are much more tasty and cheaper than Viagra.

Thus, this event would attract thousands who seek erections to magical Catemaco.

The abandoned structure near the Laguna Catemaco "harbor master's" quarters could be converted into a giant garbage can liner outfitted cocktail glass.

Mexican and international lovers would flood the dozens of hotels and bars in town. The forgotten whores of the Catemaco red zone would earn some well deserved financial cushions, and the snail divers of Maxacapan, who regularly complain about the hard work of catching these snails, would finally be able to buy snorkels.

Furthermore, it could be attached to the upcoming festival  of "Mother's Day" and would solidly cement Catemaco's growing reputation as the best place to get drunk north of Cancun.


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