Nov 29, 2009

Catemaco Potpourri

Just catching up on some things that catch my fancy in beautiful downtown Catemaco.

28 percent
That is what the Mexican IRS will charge you on the profit of a sale of unoccupied property. This is not what you have to pay with your  Mexican tax return, instead, it is directly collected  in the notary/escritura process.
Catemaco asses
Their products reach one of the most beautiful areas to the west of  Catemaco City.
Still working on the link.
Good Food & Drinks
My personal best La Sol y La Luna bit the dust.
Current runnerup is a tiny Swiss flavored restaurant in Dos Amates, on the way to the coast.
A new Spanish food restaurant is supposed to open.
And the best available restaurant on the Montepio coast, Las Casitas, is closed till the next highroller tourists arrive in April.
A new stripjoint opened, after the old one lacked well endowed clients.
You can still expect to be deadlined because of floods, wash-outs or political protest road closings anywhere in southern Veracruz, or probably anywhere in Mexico.
Sex is now illegal in Veracruz unless it is for procreational purposes. The state recently enacted a rabid anti-abortion law.
Cheap Women.
The state of Veracruz is still on the top of the list of tolerating the sale of minor and young women in indigenous communities.
Round Trips.
Mexico has hundreds of destinations that are only accessible one way for usually more than dozens of miles.
Yesterday I discovered  a new local Catemaco roundtrip along a gorgeous river and scenery  almost suitable for any car. And that is saying a lot in Los Tuxtlas.
Check for the link mañana, of course.