Nov 22, 2009

Beautiful downtown Catemaco is a hotbed of internet manipulations. One would think that this godforsaken paradise in Los Tuxtlas would not generate enough interest to internet warriors.

The usual domains: - owned by an internet domain trader, refused a US 1000 dollar offer. - I own it, whoopeedo! - owned by a shoestring resort operator, against  all .org domain rules. - owned by someone in Xalapa, Veracruz without  a website.

The Mexican Domains - now owned by a domain trader. The original Catemaco owner was too mad at me for starting a competing page and rejected my $ 1000 for the domain name, and when he was too broke to pay for the renewal, I missed out on the new registration. - became available in October  09 and is now owned by a domain trader. - the official Catemaco government site. The page is dead, of course!

Other names in use - Hotel Catemaco

I also own and, and - I registered it because I was and am disenchated with them, to put it mildly. 

Google lately has been changinging its search algorithms and  seems to be very much preferential to searches in Spanish for sites with any latin country domain suffix instead of  the language used on the web site.

So I looked to register a few quicky .mx or names.
It turns out Mexico is the most expensive place in the world to register a domain name! Instead of the usual $7.99 cost to register most international domains, I am now quoted US $ 50.00 by the Mexican registration agency. (They are so backward that they still do not publicize the increased .mx costs).