Dec 5, 2009

Catemaco Parades

Beautiful downtown Catemaco seems to have a daily parade to celebrate civic events.

That "daily" might be slighly exaggerated, but not by much. Within the last few days I saw a parade for a local wedding, a celebration of the handicapped, a religious procession and none for the Dia de la Revolucion, which is normally a biggy but was poopooed by the Veracruz government as an accumulator of transmittable diseases.

Normally it seems there is a parade every week by schoolchildren  accompanied by oompapah bands who apparently have nothing better to do than to march through the streets of  Catemaco with signs opposing or supporting social programs ranging from poverty to aids prevention.

Less frequently are parades for politically induced social causes like "No to the Cost of Water" or prevalent political rallies for a paying political representatives, or even public announcement parades of weddings or funerals. A lot more frequent are religious parades, with candle and placard holders marching to support their favorite Virgin.

Aside from keeping kids and their mothers out of school, all of these events add to the remarkably high noise level of this small provincial town, which is also afflicted by the usual outcries of dozens of loudspeaker equipped vendors of pineapples, newspapers, furniture and dozens of other offerings.