Feb 8, 2009

Catemaco keyboards ¡¡¿

Aside from various political and ecological conditions in beautiful downtown Catemaco, the only real thing that drives me nuts is local computer keyboards.

I am probably well within my first dozen of local keyboards because either they lose the paint on the letters, or give up their last click because my coffee drowned them.
But, what really gets my goat is the variability of Spanish letters including the ubiquitous "at" sign. In the past, throughout Mexico I have pestered attendants to PLEASE tell me how to enter my email address. It seems every other keyboard has different ways to type Spanish letters,

I have no idea whether the fault lies with keyboard makers or Microsoft Windows. But here are the survival instructions that I have had to memorize in case the usual settings do not work:

ALT 160 = á
ALT 161 = í
ALT 162 = ó
ALT 163 = ú
ALT 164 = ñ
ALT 168 = ¿
ALT 130 = é
ALT 173 = ¡

and the biggy: ALT 64 for @


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