Jan 4, 2010

Felicidades catemaco.info

We just clicked on our 2 and a half million page hits, which interprets to about 550,000 individual visitors to the catemaco.info pages, of whom more than 65.000 returned more than once, which is more than double the city population..

The general page count remains more or less one third Gringo and two third Español. The most popular pages remain those related to brujos, followed by hotels and articles about Los Tuxtlas.

The curious statistic is that if there are 22,000 returning gringo readers (one third), why are there only maybe 1000 gringos passing through the area?

I am thinking of hiring one of those disposable income workers in Catemaco and count RV's and cars with obvious gringos as they leave and enter by the only two entrances to Catemaco.

Either I am wrong or there are a hell of a lot of beautiful downtown Catemaco internet wannnabes.