Mar 16, 2010

Catemaco Pitstop

I have not driven to the Texan border from beautiful downtown Catemaco in the last few years, but I do remember the stretch between Brownsville and Tampico near Soto de Marina to be one of worst parts of the trip. I hear it has been improved in the last year.

Now FONATUR, the granddaddy of the giant tourism developments in Cancun, Huatulco and other places I would rather not visit, has decreed a 5 billion dollar megaproject for 18 miles of beach in the region. Proposals extend to 20,000 rooms in condominiums, villas, hotels and residences, plus marinas, golf courses, beach clubs, commercial area, activities such as sport fishing, water tourism, hunting and ecotourism. Presumably they will also stick in a world class RV park.

It is about time FONATUR built something on the Gulf of Mexico. All of its previous billions of dollars went to the Pacific and Caribbean. I had heard rumors for years that the beaches of Los Tuxtlas were under consideration.

OH well, at least the roads around Soto de Marina will get a major facelift. - a Spanish website focused on news of the development