Mar 20, 2010

Punta Puntilla

Punta Puntilla is a small peninsula on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz, forming the northern edge of the Biosphere Reserve of Los Tuxtlas, and just about at the northern end of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, about  55 miles north of beautiful downtown Catemaco, near La Victoria, on the El Tropico - Catemaco coastal highway.

The last (2005) census reported 42 inhabitants in the fishing village occupying the peninsula.

I had visited the village 6 or 7 years ago along a dirt trail. Early last year dozens of Veracruz newspapers and blogs announced the paving of the road as a detonator of tourism in the northern Los Tuxtlas, especially for the nearby town of Angel R. Cabada.

Being of sane mind and curious body, I ventured forth to explore and discovered that, as usual, the Veracruz press and government lied. Only 1 mile of the 6 km road was paved, and a year later, the road resembles something built 25 years ago.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed visiting the pueblo, although I could neither find a cup of coffee, breakfast or a place for ablutions.

This small paradise is not suitable for drive by tourism, but great for shell collecting, hard core beachcombing and Mexican suburbanites fleeing their concrete slums at all costs once a year.

Sorry, the day was cloudy