Mar 1, 2010

Catemaco Housemate

Mexico, without a doubt, has the finest police and justice system that money can buy.

A family member was arrested on Friday afternoon on the Catemaco highway by pistol wielding officers of the Judicial Police. Apparently an arrest warrant had been issued for him because he deposited a check in what was supposedly a fraudulent transaction.

So he was destined to go to jail until proven innocent. And the negotiations began in the offices of the "judiciales". They settled for 30 thousand pesos.

Do you know anyone that has that kind of cash on a Friday night? We scraped and pleaded to collect the cash and delivered it in a large black SUV with tinted windows, which was promply surrounded by the entire police contingent touting automatic weapons and sub machine guns. Apparently they thought we were drug dealers getting ready to break out our comrade.

So now the kid is in my house, but he cannot leave.

There are six teams of arresting officers in the Catemaco judicial zone. And although the "comandante" was part of the negotiations, only the arresting team was bribed. Now there are 5 more teams looking for the kid.

So, of course, he is hiding until our attorney can get an "amparo"  (injunction to stop a legal proceeding or arrest) which can take from 2 to 6 weeks.

Curiously an arrest warrant does not give police the right to enter a private house. A different warrant has to be issued, but only if the police saw the suspect entering the house.

So, of course, I only let the dog out of the house.